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Taida optical machinery was founded in 1974. The early name was "thousand melted joint". It was a household work institute engaged in welding and manufacturing of hardware. After 12 years of cultivation and manufacture, it was confirmed and supported by customers. The original work site was not used and moved to the platform in December 1965. South City Zhonghua Dong Road, renamed Tai Da iron factory, began to engage in optical machinery for manufacturing lenses. It is the first home in Taiwan. By August 1994, the factory was also the site of Rende Township in Tainan county. In order to become increasingly frequent in Taiwan and China, even in the world, the trade and business of the world is 2007. In January, Tai Da Optical Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. Besides the original optical machine manufacturing, mechanical equipment manufacturing, and the expansion of machinery wholesale, hardware wholesale, import and export trade and other business projects.
From the deep foundation accumulated in the early stage, the Tai Da has been well received by the customers regardless of the quality requirements of the optical mechanical equipment or the stability of the machine used by the machine, and the high quality rate obtained by the customer's technology. This is the spirit of the real material and the requirements for the quality of the machine. 20 years ago, the Tai Da university The production of the first generation of mechanical equipment is currently working in the production of lenses, allowing the Taida to think that the original concept and adherence is correct, the average service life ... ...
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